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Some services on this website require us to collect personal information from you. These services include but are not limited to: registration, purchasing, subscribing 
to our newsletter, opting into “third party” mailings and related services. To comply with the Data Protection Act, we have a duty to tell you how we store the 

information we collect and how it is used: Any information you do submit is stored securely and will never be passed on or sold to any third party.

Your information is only stored on submission and in doing so you are giving consent in accordance with this policy for this information to be used/stored in the 
provision of the service you have requested. Vacodo Lingerie Ltd does not collect any personal information from visitors to its website other than information that is 

knowingly and voluntarily given by you as a user.


If you have opted to receive third party mailings or research surveys, we will occasionally contact you with further details of Vacodo Lingerie (Vacodo Lingerie Ltd) or associated third parties services or to send details of future offers or information. It may also be used for research purposes. This contact may come in the form of, but not limited to, email, SMS, or post. Your details will not be disclosed directly to a third party unless you elect to do so in response to a mailing; all mailings will take place through Vacodo Lingerie Ltd. If you have not elected to opt in to third party mailings or research surveys, we will contact you only with offers related to Vacodo Lingerie or other related parties of its owner, Vacodo Lingerie Ltd. You can opt out of any mailings at any time by clicking here.

Vacodo Lingerie Ltd ensures that appropriate steps are taken to safeguard all the information it holds, keeping it secure from either unauthorised access or any improper usage. We maintain strong and strict internal policies with which all members of staff, contractors and consultants to the company must comply prior to access. These 
are constantly reviewed and updated to adapt to changes in technology We do not share information with any third party. Users who are flagged as “third party” can 

only receive relevant advertising messages from carefully screened partners. Communication is sent only through the systems of Vacodo Lingerie Ltd. We do not and will not share any personal information from our databases with any third party. Individuals may request details of all personal information that is held by Vacodo Lingerie Ltd at any time by emailing info@vacodo.com.


Vacodo Lingerie Ltd use MailChimp to send email newsletters and maintain our mailing lists. Email newsletter subscribers email addresses will never be passed on or sold to any third party. Only Vacodo Lingerie Ltd will send you relevant email communication. Your email newsletter subscription may be managed from either the "MY ACCOUNT" link on this site or via the email newsletters you are sent. You have to opportunity to subscribe/unsubscribe from these email newsletters.

Once an order was placed, our Feefo application will automatically send an e-mail to the e-mail address used to place the order after 14 days. This is used to review 

the customer experience and product purchased from our store. Feefo is the Vacodo Lingerie selected review software and are not permitted to share or use your personal data with third parties. The review of Vacodo Lingerie is not mandatory but we encourage you to share your opinions and experience to help us refine our product and services.

Vacodo Lingerie Ltd is fully compliant with China Regulations (2003) and US Can Spam Regulations (2012). If you have any queries, please contact us. 
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